6 Reasons Why I Love Being a Librarian

Kids- I especially love watching kids discover new things in the library. Always making connections to the classroom and their personal lives. The library is so much more than books, and when kids truly feel safe in the library, they can explore the world. Families- Coordinating exciting events for the entire family to enjoy together… Continue reading 6 Reasons Why I Love Being a Librarian


Integrate Your Makerspace

It is no secret that Makerspaces are all the rage right now in libraries and classrooms. I have spent that last five years slowly transforming a computer lab area of the library into a Makerspace. But having a Makerspace area isn't the only thing you have to change. It is a change in the way… Continue reading Integrate Your Makerspace

Partner with Your Principal: Professional Development

  Your principal wants to lead a building full of teachers who are innovative and effective. One of their main responsibilities is to evaluate the effectiveness of teachers! Your principal plans or locates professional development opportunities to help all teachers be even better. This is where the school librarian can help. School librarians get to… Continue reading Partner with Your Principal: Professional Development

Partner with your Principal: Communication

Your principal has a lot on their plate! I have worked with several principals of various types, but one thing always keeps coming up: time. You could say librarians struggle with a lack of time as well (include teachers too!). Principals are so busy dealing with behaviors, data, parent communication, teacher evaluations, meetings, planning meetings,… Continue reading Partner with your Principal: Communication

Coding without Computers or Devices???

Teaching our students how to code is incredibly important! It teaches them how to understand computers and technology, and transforms the way they think. Computational thinking allows students to critically analyze the individual steps computers/robots use to complete tasks. Our brains do the same thing! Where better to learn coding than your local school library?… Continue reading Coding without Computers or Devices???

Teaching Google Draw with a Purpose!

I teach in a school district that supports Google Apps for Education. In fact, all students in grades 2nd-12th have an account, and I absolutely love it! Google Apps for Education really allow you to integrate technology seamlessly into your instruction, which engages and motivates students! As the school librarian, technology instruction usually falls on… Continue reading Teaching Google Draw with a Purpose!